Tatiana Chusik

Since I was a child I have practiced sports, I have dedicated myself to basketball, dance and athletics competitions, at 21 I fell in love with the world of fitness, when I decided to dedicate myself professionally to it for more than 5 years; as a result of competing in that hard world experimenting with myself, I fell into a low weight with anorexia, and after recovering I had to deal with another bad time with overweight, another blow to my state of health.

Later a hip bursitis prevented me from doing physical exercise and walking for a series of months, something hard that was not easy for me to carry, and with the specific exercises and stretching I could recover.

After all these experiences and studies carried out for many years, the desire to help other people to achieve their goal and achieve their health and well-being through food, sports and natural remedies was born.

Today I can say that I would not be the same person and would not have this knowledge without having lived all these experiences.

Currently practical swimming and exercise system ChusikSport, and if you are reading this message I feel identified with you and I want you to achieve your goals as I achieved mine.