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About Chusik Services

How do I contract the services?

Once you have decided on the services that interest you (Click here to see them all), you can choose which ones to hire from [here].

How do I choose which days to train?

You can contact us by mail ( or telephone (688 25 95 15) telling us which day and time is best for you, or through this form. Choose which one you choose, we will respond as soon as possible.

Where can I see my diets?

Each time you are assigned a diet, you will receive it by mail, in case you want to receive the current diet again, you can contact us by mail ( or telephone (688 25 95 15) and we will send it to you with the as soon as possible. In a few months we will enable a user zone to download all the necessary files.

If you have not been able to answer your questions, contact us using the forms on the web, e-mail or telephone.

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